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The Sock has helped athletes and people of all ages , including Olympian Champions, Triathletes and US Veterans.
  • Alan Culper“Without question the Strassburg Sock played a vital role in my ability to continue to train and subsequently compete in the 2004 Olympic Games.”
    2-time Olympian Alan Culpepper
  • Quote I am a 35 year old triathlete and personal trainer.  I have also been serving on active duty for 17 years in mostly physically demanding positions.  I have been riddled with heel and arch pain for over a year. My last official race was “The Escape from Alcatraz” in June of 2005.  After that race I was unable to run at all for several months.  I ran in the Army 10 miler in October 2005 and have not I have not been able to run since.  I was diagnosed shortly there after with PF and have been limping around since.    I ordered your product out of desperation.  Literally, after one night it relived 70% of the pain I have experienced daily for the past 12-14 months.  This is the single best product that I have tried – I would recommend it to anyone who is “hobbled” by heel or arch problems.
    -Major Joseph F. Lineberry, Jr. (Currently serving in Afganistan)
  • QuoteI want to thank you for sending me a Strassburg Sock.  I had not run in about 6 months.  I used the sock you sent for about two weeks and I now am able to run three miles without pain. The 101st Airborne Division standard is to run 4 miles in 36 minutes. I know I will be able to achieve that standard with the product you sent.
    -SGM Berry (currently serving in Iraq)
In the May/June 1999 issue of Prevention’s Walking Club Newsletter the Strassburg SockTM was sited as one of the ten ways to fight heel pain and get back to walking.
  • QuoteThe night splint (Strassburg SockTM) treatment group had a significantly shorter recovery time. It was concluded that early treatment including the night splint (Strassburg SockTM) speeds time to recovery. (The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery 41(4):221-227,2002).
  • QuoteThe February 2003 issue of Runners World restated the results of the research study and included five steps to treating plantar Fasciitis including wearing the Strassburg Sock TM at night
What People Are Saying
  • QuoteThe Strassburg SockTM was the only reason I was able to accomplish my running goal of qualifying for the 1996 Boston Marathon without having to receive the shots to alleviate the pain. Thank you for your wonderful product.
    – Richard Chown, Niagara Falls N.Y.
  • QuoteThank you so much for your wonderful device. I purchased the Strassburg SockTM about two weeks ago and it sure helps my stiffness in the morning. The Strassburg SockTM truly is a wonderful invention.
    – Audrie Nevin, Meeting and Travel Coordinator, Palo Alto CA.
  • QuoteI have been using the Strassburg SockTM for sometime and I can feel the difference when I do not use it on a regular basis. It was recommended to me by my Podiatrist and I give an A+ overall rating.
    – Brenda Arrington, Atlanta, GA
  • QuoteThe Strassburg SockTM is great!!! I’ve been recommending it to other runners if they ever have the problem and I told my Doctor how much it has helped me in just a few days. It is so easy when you get up in the middle of the night. I also appreciate how quickly you sent it to me, Thank you again.
    – Misty C. Allison-Cohn
  • QuoteI received the Strassburg SockTM three days ago and I can definitely attest to the fact that it is cooler, more comfortable and less restrictive than the rigid night splint I tried unsuccessfully. I think it may just be the answer when used in combination with my other recommended treatments. Thank You
    – Jonathan House
  • QuoteI have had plantar fasciitis for almost two years and had to give up the running program. Three weeks ago I purchased the Strassburg SockTM and have been using it nightly. I have made some progress for the first time in over a year. The was the best money I have spent of the well over $1000 in trying to cure this problem.
    – John Holt
  • Quote<span >I received the Strassburg SockTM a month ago and now I am pain free. What a great concept. So much better than taking medication which masks the pain temporarily. After two weeks of using the Strassburg SockTM I am able to walk and chase after my busy toddler. Thanks so much for the great invention.
    – Pam Foy
  • QuoteThe information I received with my Strassburg SockTM regarding plantar fasciitis are excellent. I paid hundreds of dollars to three different Doctors for the same information.
    – Clifford W. Eischen, Fresno City College
  • QuoteThe Strassburg SockTM really helps, Thanks again.
    – Judge Robert K. Duerr, North Tonawanda NY
  • Quote bought one Strassburg SockTM, tried it and I love it. Please send me one more so I can throw away that uncomfortable hard night splint.
    – Dennis Clardy, Panama City FL
  • QuoteI have been wearing the Strassburg SockTM for about two weeks and the pain in my heel first thing in the morning is almost gone. I hope to be back on the golf course very shortly. I would recommend it to anyone with heel pain. It is 100% better than those regular hard night splints and much easier to use not to mention that it doesn’t rip the bed linen. Once again many thanks.
    – Peter Hearn Australia
  • QuoteI have been using the Strassburg SockTM for about 6 weeks with terrific success. I had plantar fasciitis for about 9 months and now it’s nearly gone. For me the Strassburg Sock was a medical miracle. Thank You
    – John W. Reed Los Altos, CA
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