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step1STEP 1:
Remove all packaging, unfold the sock holding it with the O-Ring facing away from you.

Leave all VELCRO-brand fasteners attached and flip the upper strap over the top. Keeping these straps connected will make the sock much easier to handle when applying it to your leg.  Pull the sock on and stretch it up completely over the calf with the “O” ring facing the front, at the top of the leg, just below the kneecap.  If you have any extra material at the top of the sock DO NOT roll, fold, or bunch it in this area where the calf is larger.  Instead slide the extra material down and gather it in the mid to lower calf area where the leg is smaller. Don’t worry about the sock falling down. It won’t.

step2STEP 2:
Secure the upper strap around the calf by means of the attached VELCRO® brand fastener.

This strap should fit snug and secure but not so tight as to cause discomfort or cut off circulation. This strap is not designed to hold the sock up but provides the base for the support which will keep the O-ring properly positioned during sleep.

step3STEP 3:
Take the strap attached to the toe of the sock and pass it thru the “O” ring

With your foot flat on the floor and your ankle at 90 degrees to the floor, take the strap attached to the toe of the sock and pass it thru the “O” ring’ from the bottom to the top

step4STEP 4:
Pull the toes up approximately 1/2 inch off the floor

Pull the toes up approximately 1/2 inch off the floor. Now attach the VELCRO® brand fastener pieces and the toes should remain in that position. Do not pull the toes upward too tightly as this over-extension will cause discomfort.  You should not feel any stretch on the toes in this position.

Notes and Precautions

The Strassburg Sock® is designed as a supplemental treatment for heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Its purpose is to provide an involuntary nightly assistance to your established daily treatment.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

Precautions: If you have a known circulatory problem, open sores, are a diabetic or are pregnant, if you have swelling or severe edema, if you have hammer toes, if you have an active rash or severe dermatitis, or any recent trauma to the foot or foot surgery, please consult your physician prior to using this product.

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